5 Interesting Links for 05-17-2019

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Innovation (Cancer Treatment)

A new approach to cancer treatment is showing promising results where synthetic proteins are trained to attack cell behaviors present only in cancerous cells.

Courtesy (Pronouns)

I do not care about pronouns for myself, so if you accidentally call me “he” or “sir,” it’s no big deal and has certainly happened a time or two. However, just in making that statement, I am stating “her” and “she” are my preferred pronouns. It’s not something I have had to give much thought. I tend to err on the side of flexibility, as all the people who assigned nicknames to me can attest, but that’s not the case for everyone, nor should it have to be.

This essay provides an important argument (position not fight) for why pronouns should become a part of normal conversation not as a knife to stab with but as a baseline. It’s embarrassing to get someone’s identification incorrect, as embarrassing as having to correct someone who does. But the more we become comfortable with the exchange, the more common and expected it becomes.

I will try to remember this as I forge my way through the world in the same way I don’t mind people giving me a nickname as long as they ask if it’s okay rather than imposing one without my permission. (Via David Bridger)

Fashion (History)

Hairstyles go in and out of fashion, and then come back again as a wander through the history of sideburns in the 19th Century shows, but what is fascinating is how sometimes the driving reasons are close even when decades or centuries separate the occasions.

Photography (Interesting People)

Photographers look at the world behind the lens with their focus outward, but this photographer turned things around by making the tools of her craft fun and beautiful. You can join in her revolution to personalize your cameras with a steampunk flair or two.

Emails (Marketing)

Many articles offer specific suggestions for what to put in your marketing emails. This one offers a few, but mainly it explores philosophy and approach over “proven” technique.

How Beer Saved the World 2 edited by Phyllis Irene Radford

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