5 Interesting Links for 05-13-2016

Doodles (Art)

A look at Troqman’s penchant for cartoon bombing with humorous doodles.

Tragedy (Life)

The detailed retelling of a disastrous whale watching expedition, both the tragedy, and how the community came together to help the survivors. (Via Facebook)

Contracts (Publishing)

A solid look at the basic principles of contracts and negotiation that both traditional and indie writers might not understand.

Recreation (Renaissance)

Renaissance Faires offer a lot to the historical recreationist, and this should not be limited because of one’s race, especially considering the history of the period. A Black woman describes both her experiences and the often forgotten presence of non-Whites in Europe during this period. (Via Facebook)

Goats (Zoology)

Tree-climbing goats just because. I used to hang out with a herd of goats and they’re real characters. (Via ValerieComer.Author on Facebook)

A Country Masquerade by Margaret McGaffey Fisk

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