5 Interesting Links for 05-06-2016

Street Art (Art)

A review of cities where beautiful street art can be found. (Via Twitter)

Cats (Interesting People)

Okay, this might be a broader interpretation of people than most will accept, but a teaching assistant position seems awfully people-like to me. This cat helps kids become better readers. (Via Facebook and World’s Best Cat Litter)

Literature (Regency)

While Georgie in my Uncommon Lords and Ladies series certainly gets into trouble, it’s nothing to the tangled plot of the 1801 novel Belinda by Maria Edgeworth described in the URL below. Of equal fascination, though, is the revisionist version published some nine years later where all hint of race or social bending is stripped to match the conventions of romantic love: (Via Suzi Love Daily Gossip)

Sign Language (Technology)

A wonderful innovation created by two students to translate sign language movements into speech using gloves and a program that will eventually fit on a cell phone. (Via Facebook)

Characters (Writing)

A look into one of the ways writers can undercut their characters by making them too self-, and situational-, aware. The examples help bring the point home, but the bottom line is introspection should be used sparingly. Trina, the lead in my novel Shafter, is a good example of this technique. She is hyper aware for good reason, but at the same time blind to her own motivations until they’re pointed out to her (and of course she denies it at first).

Shafter (Seeds Among the Stars, Book 1)

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