5 Interesting Links for 05-05-2017

Origins (Anthropology)

A second look at the Homo floresiensis found in Indonesia may rewrite what has been accepted as the timing for human migration out of Africa.

Digital (Art)

I’m not a great fan of the result, but this is an excellent tutorial for layering and texturing. Though it uses Illustrator, I’m pretty sure all the steps can be replicated in GIMP because I’ve used most of these techniques one time or another.

Change (Environment)

If ever you needed a direct example of human impact on the planet, this article about a crater in Siberia offers it, along with the consequences and what we can learn from the revealed geological layers.

Curriculum (Interesting People)

A six-year-old girl and her mother decided to create an Afrocentric coloring book to help fill the gap of curriculum materials aimed at African culture and descendants.

Technique (Writing)

Though the title focuses on word replacements for “good” this article offers much more than that as it explores techniques behind the word choices and also touches on the times when show and tell are best.

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