5 Interesting Links for 05-03-2019

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Analysis (History)

A look at James C. Scott’s exploration of how history defines the line between so-called barbarians and farmers, and consequence of modern civilization that are often overlooked.

Guidebooks (Regency)

A Regency era guidebook in two volumes offers a look at the history and picturesque wanders of London through the eyes of a contemporary. It is available for free through Google Books and includes many detailed etchings.

Technique (Writing)

How to create compelling characters by bringing the reader along when there is a turning point or change of heart.

Innovation (Noise Control)

I’ll admit from first glance I was expecting a more personal use to quiet the underlying noise of the modern environment, but this article looks at the possible commercial uses to reduce noise pollution for everyone through a cheap but surprisingly effective noise-dampening material.

Research (Sleep)

Combining coffee and short naps has a marked effect according to both theory and research.

Forged: A Fantasy Short Story

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