5 Interesting Links for 05-01-2015

Peru (Archeology)

A site found in Peru dating from around 1,200 years ago hints at a larger social community to encourage peace.

Harsh Truths (Publishing)

This is a clear-eyed look at the things that commonly stand in the way of authors who are publishing and not experiencing the success they’d hoped for. While every one of the 13 points might not be true for you, there’s likely at least one he discusses that hits too close to home and just might get you motivated to fix that barrier to your success. Every one of these is within your control in some fashion, but be ready for some soul-searching as a result.

Corporate Planning (Sociology)

I don’t usually share the more inflammatory topics because they fall in areas where people decide to be blind, but this is a level of exploitation that is different than most because it exploits hopes and dreams more than bodies in near slave labor conditions. Please read this on-the-ground account of GMO company practices in India. Whether you are pro genetic modification of crops or not, the methods used to push this product should be outlawed. (Via Facebook)

Alien Life (Space)

A new analysis of Tau Ceti questions the likelihood of life on the planets currently in the habitable zone.

Pocket Shark (Zoology)

The second only known specimen of the pocket shark was found in the Gulf of Mexico with some interesting features.

Safe Haven: A Steampunk Romance (The Steamship Chronicles, Prequel)

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