5 Interesting Links for 04-29-2016

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Jewelry (Anthropology)

Tests have shown a bracelet found in the Denisova Cave in Siberia dates from 40,000 years ago and was created by the Denisovan people, a different species of hominins previously assumed to be primitive.

Pharmacist (Interesting People)

The man who set up a pharmacy in Virginia (possibly the first of its kind) to cater to African Americans when they were refused service at white pharmacies. (Via Facebook)

Branding (Promoting)

Social media header dimensions and requirements for a variety of sites.

Home Experiments (Science)

A fun video demonstration of how to make a slime that is attracted to magnets. It does require at least one supply (metal filings) that isn’t commonly in a household, but should be easy to obtain and the results are cool :). (Via Facebook)

Names (Writing)

An annotated list of ten Medieval female names along with some information about a Medieval woman with that name.

Safe Haven: A Steampunk Romance (The Steamship Chronicles, Prequel)

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