5 Interesting Links for 04-27-2018

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Marketing (Publishing)

An author recounts her experience implementing the 1000 true fans methodology. This article talks about the third week in which she works on a giveaway to encourage subscribers.

Autism (Psychology)

A fascinating article that reviews the history of understanding autism. It reviews the political and social backgrounds governing one approach over another as well as the risks associated with changing approaches even when the current methodology is flawed.

Exercises (Writing)

A selection of searchable writing exercises that might prove useful. The few I chose were well thought out, but I haven’t gone through them all.

Messages (Entertainment)

Fair warning, this article is full of spoilers for Black Panther. I very much enjoyed the film, but this article speaks to my reaction as I walked out. I think it’s an important perspective to be raised in the discussion of the film’s greater context.

Expenses (Life)

Seven things that might be worth spending the extra pennies on to make your quality of life better. Your list might be different, but it’s worth considering if you’re trying to pinch pennies or even if you’re not.

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