5 Interesting Links for 04-21-2017

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Typos (History)

Typos happen, and they slip through the most diligent of watch guards. Here are some major ones with various results.

Society (Spiders)

First, it was wolves, then apes, and now spiders prove cooperative societies are a viable way to survive:

Humanitarians (Interesting People)

A man followed a simple question about hotel soap down a path that saves lives.

Covers (Marketing)

One author’s experience with rebranding through cover art and font choices.

Definitions (Steampunk)

While I admit to making comments about steampunk classification from time to time, usually in books I review, it’s because I want people to realize when something doesn’t fall into the bucket most see as steampunk so they’re not blindsided. I’ll also note steampunk mentality or aesthetics in things that don’t associate themselves with the term. In all honesty, the aesthetic, especially in fiction, existed long before the name, and continues to evolve. I’ve often felt modern steampunk ignores the punk aspect in terms of social protest or awareness, but that neither makes it not steampunk nor is it completely true as I realized here. This article takes on the condemnation of “not steampunk” with a cohesive argument worth reading. Steampunk is a DIY movement, and as such is composed of each inventor’s vision whether written, sung, performed, drawn, or built. It’s steampunk if the person intended it to be.

These Vampires Don't Sparkle

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