5 Interesting Links for 04-20-2018

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Rural Access (Technology)

There have been many promises of expanding Internet access in the United States, but remote areas in rural America are still under-served. This article talks of an effort to craft a solution designed for the unique complications in Appalachia that has been remarkably successful.

Editing (Writing)

A new writing evaluation that focuses on specific writing weaknesses rather than grammar. I didn’t agree 100% with what it highlighted, but it caught a few things I’d missed, so it might be worth giving a trial run. (Via Jane Friedman)

Blurbs (Promotion)

This is a book blogger’s list of red flags in book blurbs. Worth checking against yours to confirm you didn’t do any of this.

Steampunk (Art)

A glimpse into the procurement experience for scraps destined to claim a new life as steampunk art.

Adopting (Cats)

It’s important to pay attention to the personality of your new furry family member over any general advice, but this article offers a reasonable starting point for introducing a new cat.

A Country Masquerade by Margaret McGaffey Fisk

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