5 Interesting Links for 04-17-2020

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Household Objects (History)

Household objects we now take for granted often have curious or even checkered pasts. Here are some glimpses of how they came to be in our lives.

Publishing (Markets)

Authors might be limited to online venues right now, but this article suggests places to sell your books once the restrictions lift. When I first started publishing, I made more handselling at craft fairs and the like than I did in eBook. That changed, but those early fans are still with me. Science fiction conventions (including online ones) can be a good opportunity if your work falls in those genres, whether you give out bookmarks or purchase a vendor table. The same is true for speculative fiction artworks. Whether it’s a big earner initially almost doesn’t matter as you tend to make faithful fans.

Health (Nutrition)

Tips for healthy eating on a budget with everything from purchasing to how to get the most from what’s in your kitchen.

Short Stories (Steampunk)

Normally, I link to stories available to read on the Web, but I enjoyed the first book of the Magnificent Devices series. The offered story is a lovely prequel that reveals a hidden history behind one character. It introduces a new intrigue into the world that the characters will have to resolve. I think the prize is worth taking the extra step of subscribing to Shelley Adina’s newsletter.

Music (Video)

I’ll admit I didn’t know about Grimes until I discovered her shared music video project through Daz3D, but I find her music interesting, her YouTube bio fascinating, and the project something I may try. Who knows? It might give me the skills I need to create book videos, or maybe it’ll just be fun. The project, where she supplies the pieces and you craft your own version of a video for the song, is her way of helping those with a creative bent keep busy and learn something new in this time of isolation. So how about it? Will you try? Daz3D is offering supplemental 3D artwork for free to assist your imagination as well. (Via Daz3D)

An Innocent Secret (Book 3 of Uncommon Lords and Ladies)

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