5 Interesting Links for 04-11-2014

Japanese Temari Spheres (Art)

Amazing designs embroidered onto balls in a traditional Japanese art form

Melting Pot (Life)

While surveys show the melting pot concept in the US is largely myth, in the under 30 group, there is hope.

Sleep (Physiology)

An interesting, and scary, look at how the brain uses the time we sleep, making it even more critical to get between 7 and 9 hours:

Ancient Techniques (Technology)

One man demonstrates how with physics, basic tools, and time, he can raise Stonehenge all by himself:

World building (Writing)

Evaluation of ten hand to hand combat myths.

Safe Haven by Margaret McGaffey Fisk
Sworn to protect her sister from an unjust law in steam-driven Victorian England, Lily’s wayward heart settles on the one man she cannot have: a police officer.
Safe Haven
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