5 Interesting Links for 04-10-2020

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Photography (Collections)

The Library of Congress added almost 100,000 pictures taken by Harlem photographer Shawn Walker and others in the Kamoinge Workshop dating from 1963. This collection fills a gap in the Library’s archives, offering a rare selection of images of late 20th Century African Americans living, working, and playing.

Writing (Editing)

A look at the various types of book editing necessary along with the stage when they should occur. The article also explores what the author should do to prep for them from clarifying expectations to doing their own passes.

Interesting People (Musicians)

Rock Star Jon Bon Jovi works to help people in need both by providing healthy meals for free and teaching them important skills at his restaurant Soul Kitchen. While the methods have had to change to protect against COVID-19, he’s still out there helping.

Paleontology (Pterosaurs)

Four new pterosaurs have been discovered in Morocco, three toothed and one toothless. The recent surge in pterosaur discoveries is causing paleontologists to re-examine the theories of how toothed flying reptiles became extinct. They also propose an albatross-like ability to span the globe based on similarities to Brazilian, European, and Chinese specimens. These creatures are hard to study because the hollow bones that gave them the ability to fly are fragile and rarely survive in the fossil record.

Science (Raindrops)

A recent study overturned the atmospheric science community’s theory for varying sizes of raindrops. The team used high-speed movies to analyze the process when they found the collision theory to be unlikely. Their research discovered raindrops conform to behavior already observed in other liquids, such as liquid propellant.

Threats (The Steamship Chronicles, Book 2)

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