5 Interesting Links for 04-03-2015

Provenance (Archeology)

An analysis of the mixed response to the discovery of new Sappho poem fragments because of questions related to the authenticity and possible looting. It offers insight into the complexity surrounding an antiquities discovery.

Grammar (Art)

When grammarians can’t take it any longer, graffiti editing is the result:

Perception (Life)

This dress is only one example of how the “norm” for vision is not really a norm at all but because the definitions of color are all perception-based, it’s hard to tell. As someone whose eyes are tuned differently (because of Irlen Syndrome), I find it fascinating to have an example showing everyone that there is a difference.

Fonts (Publishing)

A rundown of the history and legality of font usage in print and eBooks.

Gender (Reading)

We create our own culture and this author’s experience with school visits shows that more than saying boys don’t read, we actively work to prevent them and to encourage boys not to connect with girls. What we tell the youngest among us helps determine what people they grow into. It’s got to change. (Via Facebook)

Shafter (Seeds Among the Stars: Spacers) Sharable

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