5 Interesting Links for 04-02-2021

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Interactive (Art)

Japanese artist Sakura Hanafusa created an interactive art project for her 2016 graduation from art university to thrill cat lovers everywhere. (Via @womensart1)

Microbiology (Electricity)

Research into the Geobacter genus of bacteria has revealed a fascinating method of respiration involving the transfer of electrons through very efficient nanowire produced by the bacteria. This study offers hope for developments in environmentally friendly batteries powered by self-replicating and repairing bacteria.

Electric Cars (History)

With all the attention on electric vehicles as the path forward, it may surprise some to discover the electric car developed right around the same time as gas engines. Praised for their quiet and smooth motion from startup to driving, electric cars were the vehicle of preference for ladies. Gas cars of the time required a hand crank to start and let out clouds of noxious gas. (Via @steampunktendencies)

Fiber Arts (Interesting People)

Fiber artist Agnes Hansella, working with a team, created three massive macrame installations in Bali that are beautiful and impressive even in photographs.

World Building (Writing)

Sword fighting is more an art than a random bit of violence, but the specific language and physicality can escape those without direct experience. Christopher Buehlman describes how he learned to use a sword through theater and recreationist events. With family and friends active in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA for short) and live action roleplay (LARPs), I understand the value recreation societies offer writers. This holds true whether we issue a challenge ourselves or exercise our observation and interviewing skills.

These Vampires Don't Sparkle
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