5 Interesting Links for 04-01-2016

Napoleon (Interesting People)

A list of 10 interesting facts about Napoleon with quotes from historical sources. Many of these I knew of already, quite a few from the comical presentation of Napoleon in Jack of All Trades.

Philosophy (Life)

A beautiful comic illustrating an approach to life that focuses on acceptance and surprises.

Book Covers (Publishing)

A look at fonts that are good for book covers, including a split by genre. While these make a good starting point, there are a lot more fonts out there to choose from so seek one that clicks with your book.

Health (Research)

They have now discovered the mechanism provoking a sigh which is a necessary lung reset more than an emotional statement.

Screenshots (Windows Tips)

My little sister tipped me off to this Windows tool last year, but here’s an article to walk you through using the Snipping Tool to take screenshots. It’s very handy, and I use it 90% of the time now. Its weakness comes with the cursor and dropdown windows because you use the mouse to select. But for straight screenshots, it’s quick, efficient, and useful.

The Steamship Chronicles Sharable Box Set 1

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