5 Interesting Links for 03-31-2017

Kids (History)

A wonderful way one mother acted on her daughter’s interest to give her a glimpse into the history of notable black women.

Preservation (Horticulture)

This project is at the heart of what genetically modified organisms should be. Restoring the natural biodiversity by introducing the ability to survive imported diseases. The American chestnut has been all but eliminated by a blight. This project hopes to introduce resistance into the existing population for long-term sustainability.

Psychology (Interesting People)

A Nigerian man created a successful line of strong African female dolls to help his daughter and other young women in his country understand and love their heritage and themselves.

instafreebie (Marketing)

How to use instafreebie to grow your mailing list.

Politics (Society)

A look at the social and cultural changes behind the shift in West Virginia from a liberal to a conservative state with lessons for all sides.

Shafter (Seeds Among the Stars, Book 1)

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