5 Interesting Links for 03-29-2019

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Fantasy short story (Fiction)

This short story starts in the middle then jumps back, but it’s an intriguing look at expectations and how people can be manipulated. I say no more because it would spoil the story, but I enjoyed the read.

Brand (Marketing)

Ever have trouble understanding what an author’s brand means in a concrete sense? This article provides a clear explanation of what a brand is and the many ways it needs to be expressed consistently.

Jewelry (Steampunk)

A tutorial covering the philosophy behind steampunk jewelry along with tips for trying your hand at it.

Inspiration (Creativity)

I grew up on Fraggle Rock, and this exploration of the geological inspiration driving Michael K. Frith, one of the creators, is fascinating.

Innovation (Health)

Firefighters assigned to the Camp Fire in California have a new way to help with the related stress thanks to a donation from the inventor of a massage tool he designed to help with PTSD after a training accident when an Army engineer.


A Country Masquerade (Uncommon Lords and Ladies, Book Two)
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