5 Interesting Links for 03-27-2015

Internet (Life)

The access to information is a huge win for society, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be misused, deliberately or not. This article talks about how people’s lives were destroyed by a single act that began to represent the whole of their being and one company’s efforts to redirect the Internet into a more complete picture. The most telling line in a rather long article seems to be: “We were creating a world where the smartest way to survive is to be bland.”

Tips (Promoting)

A list of 11 ways to increase the visibility of your books.

Cover Art (Publishing)

A talented cover artist describes the process of creating one of her covers. (Via Facebook)

Hiking (Reno)

A Reno, NV, program to learn the area while getting exercise and having fun on the local trails. Even if you’re not in Reno, it might be worth seeing if your area has something similar.

Innovation (Technology)

Thinking inside the box, a son and his father have come up with a way to revolutionize beekeeping for both the keeper and the bees. Watch the video. It’s wonderful seeing how everything works.

Shafter (Seeds Among the Stars: Spacers) Sharable

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