5 Interesting Links for 03-26-2021

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Bias (Anthropology)

Anthropology is peppered with assumptions made when the anthropologist imposes their own cultural rule set on the evidence. In the last twenty years or so, gender differences have come under greater scrutiny with existing gravesite excavations revisited to gender type the occupants. This article looks at a specific dig but also points to efforts necessary in the future. (Via The Dig Site FB group)

Glasswork (Art)

This exhibit site’s organization is a little hard to puzzle through, but the multi-page article about Marta Klonowska’s philosophy and approach to bringing animals out of the background is fascinating. Just skip below the bio which repeats on all the pages. To see examples of her artwork, scroll past the “next page” links for the article. (Via @womensart1)

Psychology (Cats)

Four important ways having companion cats (two instead of one) in the house can benefit you and your furry friends.

Hairstyles (Fashion History)

Whether you’re an author, artist, recreationist, or just interested in what women looked like in the 19th Century, this graphic separates contemporary representations into tight year groupings. Both how much, and how little, the hairstyles and headwear changed surprised me.

Marketing (Indie Publishing)

Authors might not consider the possibility of selling their books directly to businesses when focused on finding a readership. This article addresses how to sell to a business in non-returnable volume, whether you are a non-fiction or fiction author. It gives creative examples to start you thinking about the possibilities. At the end, there is information about the Association of Publishers for Special Sales and their virtual conference if you want to know more.

Secrets (The Steamship Chronicles, Book 1)
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