5 Interesting Links for 03-24-2017

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Psychology (Fonts)

I never understood the slam against Comic Sans. I was never a fan, but it did me no harm either. Here’s another perspective on the psychology behind it.

Medicine (Interesting People)

A retired nurse has made it her business to reduce hospital waste by both raising awareness of the costs and taking donated “waste” that is still good but falls into a discard procedure to deliver to hospitals worldwide that are desperate for such items US hospitals throw away.

Management (Libraries)

A look at the results of overdue fines and why it might be better to do away with them, along with successful examples of libraries that have made this change.

Life (Music)

This song, produced by a music student from an excerpt of Hillary Clinton’s concession speech, is less political than inspiring and powerful.

Subtext (Writing)

A good explanation of dialogue and subtext with examples.
Safe Haven: A Steampunk Romance (The Steamship Chronicles, Prequel)

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