5 Interesting Links for 03-22-2019

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Language (Society)

Kalahari Bushmen have a fiercely egalitarian society that is reinforced by their language patterns.

Technique (Writing)

Writing active characters is important, but character reactions should not be ignored. How a character responds to something outside of their control reveals the person they are in ways not always available with action. This article offers examples both of the problem when characters don’t react believably and ways to solve it.

Ageism (Discrimination)

An exploration of the societal and psychological aspects driving the persistence of ageism across cultures and in modern day.

Inspiration (Reading)

An interesting list of books for women’s history month that were all inspired by real women, whether Dutch artists in the 17th Century or World War II spies. I haven’t read any of the titles listed, but the editorial comments provided make me want to.

Metalwork (Art)

South Dakota-based artist John Lopez takes recycled materials and brings them to life once again. (Via Phoebe Darqueling, https://phoebedarqueling.com/)

Box Set 1 The Steamship Chronicles

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