5 Interesting Links for 03-21-2014

Fore-Edge Paintings (Art)

How paintings are hiding out unnoticed in libraries might surprise and amaze you:

Democratic Socialism (Economics)

A reasoned explanation of how democratic socialism works that ignores the fear mongering in favor of simple, economic data points.

Privacy (Life)

A look at why privacy intrusions matter even if you have nothing to hide.

Indie (Publishing)

A thoughtful comparison of Smashwords and Draft2Digital for indie publishing.

Cats (Zoology)

A fascinating theory about the origins of the cat’s purr.

Beneath the Mask by Margaret McGaffey Fisk

In the flash and glitter of the Regency Era, a young noblewoman craves to dance not in the ballroom but on stage, blending music, movement, and soul. Will these scandalous dreams destroy her family, or gain her a loving patron?
Beneath the Mask

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