5 Interesting Links for 03-18-2016

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Cats (Life)

While I wouldn’t characterize all these vocalizations as meows, this is a decent, descriptive list to help especially the new cat parent understand what a cat is trying to communicate. (Via Facebook)

Affiliate Links (Promoting)

I have closed my affiliate account with Amazon for my own reasons, but if you are still using one, this article breaks down 5 important requirements that you might have missed in all the documentation you had to review: (Via Facebook)

Walking (Technology)

Despite the unfortunate (to my mind) choice of both company name and product name, Cyberdyne has created HAL, a hybrid assistive limb robot that uses electrical nerve pulses to identify when a physically-limited person needs assistance and allows for close to normal movement even in stair climbing. The developer is focused on rehabilitation and improving the lives of disabled folks rather than military applications.

Research (Writing)

A look at sneaky, or not so sneaky, elements that can trip a historical author up.

Snakes (Zoology)

A visual demonstration of how snakes can climb trees. Pretty amazing: (Via @jjmcgaffey on Twitter)

Story Bundle Sharable 72-9

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