5 Interesting Links for 03-15-2019

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Novella (Fiction)

The Persistence of Blood by Juliette Wade is a deep dive into a culture driven by biology into immovable, harmful traditions and the story of one who can no longer stand silent.

Politics (Art)

The four craft artists chosen to participate in the 2018 Renwick Invitational all express political activism and community engagement through their works in startling ways.

Technology (Archaeology)

The use of LIDAR technology is uncovering the extent of a pre-colonial city in southern Africa and revealing a history between the 1400s and 1875 that has been overlooked.

Hula Hoop (Iconic Toys)

A dip into the history of the Hula Hoop fad in the United States and its lingering presence still today. How many of you have tried one out?

Metadata (Publishing)

The article offers a technique for streamlining the publication process by gathering the metadata required by each platform before uploading the title.

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