5 Interesting Links for 03-13-2015

Display (Art)

This is a little sideways from my usual links, but I know enough artists to know something like this might be useful. It could also be useful for displaying cover art. What they don’t mention is whether there’s a magnet strong enough to suspend a poster from a stud, thus avoiding the adhesive on the wall. I may have to test this :).

Support (Life)

A cute graphics demonstrating ways to support a writer. (Via Forward Motion)

Laws (Promoting)

Some information on the differences between contests and giveaways…and the laws that affect both.

Print (Publishing)

Evaluation of the pros and cons of CreateSpace versus Ingram Spark:

Characters (Writing)

Kate Elliot describes an approach to writing female characters that matches mine and is well articulated. I thought in the beginning she was going to neglect the cultural context, but instead she informs on our cultural bias in reflecting on the cultural context. (Via Facebook)

Beneath the Mask Sharable

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