5 Interesting Links for 03-12-2021

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Balance (Exercises)

Few people think about balance even though our bipedal stance is awkward and unsteady. When you’re young, that balance often comes automatically, or you compensate for the lack more easily. Here are some exercises for keeping critical balancing muscles toned through the inactivity caused by the pandemic.

Amazons (History)

Greek myth is full of stories about Amazons, woman warriors of great skill and bravery. Archeology since 1990 has found evidence, though, for moving the Amazons from myth to reality. The similarities to Scythian tribes (though containing both men and women) are too close to dismiss. These steppe nomads could have formed the foundation for tales of the Amazons. (Via J. Scott Coatsworth)

Healthy Substitutes (Holiday Foods)

This article targets the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day and substitutes naturally green foods for using food coloring. While I haven’t tried these recipes yet, there are quite a few I think would be tasty, including one of my favorite Greek meals: spanakopita. The recipes range from party dips to meals.

A Love Story (Interesting People)

Read a poignant true story about young love and young pregnancy that caught my heartstrings. Enjoy.

Prices (Publishing)

This is a straightforward discussion of book pricing for indie authors. While about eBooks, it covers print and audio versions a little. The author focuses on Amazon for the most part, but that is the largest eBook platform for most authors. UPDATE: This has probably been taken down because the reasonable numbers change with the year. However, if you look beyond the specifics, there’s a lot of good information here, so I’ve provided the link for the Wayback Machine record below. (Via Erin M. Hartshorn)
How to Price Your Book – Sterling & Stone (archive.org)

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