5 Interesting Links for 03-11-2016

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Burial (Interesting People)

A plan to incorporate mushrooms into burial practices to detoxify and help decomposition of humans after death.

Slavery (Literature)

A list of narratives designed for children to introduce the realities of slavery in a way the younger folks can understand without being overwhelmed. This is so important. Protecting children from the realities of our history is the surest way to perpetuate the misunderstandings and abuse of those whose history has been forgotten. (Via Author Erin Hartshorn on Facebook)

Contracts (Publishing)

A good analysis of why every contract should be read carefully as a writer and the importance of providing a good contract as an indie publisher/editor. Regardless of how good your intentions are, a bad contract can have unforeseen consequences.

Clothing (Regency)

Quick and easy steps to create Regency-like clothing. (Via Pinterest)

Sharks (Zoology)

A look at the impact human fear has had on shark populations and what some people are doing to change the equation.

An Innocent Secret Sharable

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