5 Interesting Links for 03-10-2017

Social Studies (Education)

I was unaware social studies was among the classes targeted for budget cuts until reading this article. Certainly that wasn’t true for my sons, both of whom found the history and social studies courses among their favorites. I loved my social studies class and even had one of those defining moments when doing an exercise in debates where I learned any position can be debated if you just do the research and decide which facts to believe in. It’s those moments that are being challenged, and the same moments that affect how people learn and live their lives. No wonder understanding and acceptance is down if all people get are the fears and stereotypes because they’re denied the learning. Anyway, interesting article on the subject and the consequences:

Hats (History)

The Bowler is a familiar hat from movies and television as well as the Steampunk Movement, but I didn’t know its origin story before.

Dictionaries (Language)

Merriam Webster is shaking off the stodgy stereotype to become relevant in the modern world of social media by providing often pointed definitions for political tweets.

Discounts (Marketing)

A look at the advantages to discounting a box set rather than a single title.

Success (Psychology)

US culture is very much driven by success, which means failure weighs heavily. This article is a good reminder about learning to focus on your strengths rather than how you compare to others in areas where you’re not as strong.

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