5 Interesting Links for 03-01-2019

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Short story (Fiction)

A beautifully described mind-twister of a story I hope you will enjoy.

Licenses (Marketing)

A quick rundown of the differences between stock photo licenses, especially when an extended license is required.

Optimism (Philosophy)

A short essay on the value of optimism even, or especially, in dark times.

Medical (Technology)

Like many people, I wear a fitness tracker that records my activity level and sleep, but this device takes that general health data to another level by providing both data and alerts to caregivers of seizure patients. It has now been FDA approved for children over six as well as adults with a 98% accuracy for grand mal seizures. I can’t imagine the peace of mind it offers to parents. It can alert them when their child is in distress and even tell where the child is right then, something support dogs are not able to do.

Religion Portrayals (Television)

While I would argue religious portrayals are not rare in Star Trek as proposed in this article, the text offers an interesting look at how different science fiction television shows address the future of religion. It also explores some of the challenges.

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