5 Interesting Links for 02-28-2020

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Writing (Copyright)

US Copyright is a process with many variables that can be confusing. This article breaks down the need and various points when it would be most beneficial in an easy-to-understand way.

Social Dynamics (Friendship)

An interesting proposal for how to make friend outings accommodate the needs of friends old and new without putting anyone on the spot. (Via The Ehlers Danlos Society)

Art (Innovation)

Taking 3D art to a new level, this porcelain company produces soy sauce dishes with hidden artwork revealed only once the soy sauce is poured.

Diagnosis (Mental Health)

A case for how psychiatric diagnoses can assist in psychological treatment if used in conjunction with personal attention. In this field, there’s a strong bias against diagnosis as labeling, but the labels can point to treatable causes of anything from obsessive behavior to drug addiction.

Cats (Playhouses)

Feast your eyes on these beautiful and useful cat creations (for not by).

Box Set 1 The Steamship Chronicles
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