5+1 Interesting Links for 02-27-2015


Heidi Kneale asked some tough but fascinating questions about society both now and in the Regency Era in her interview of me on Romance Spinners.

Oxford Comma (Grammar)

A fun look at the controversy surrounding the Oxford comma. Note: the video autostarts with sound, so be prepared when you click.

Giant Rodent (Paleontology)

Okay, I’ll admit I’m including this half because of the irony of a mouse acting like an elephant when I grew up with the stereotype of elephants afraid of mice, but it’s interesting all the same.

Tulpamancy (Psychology)

I find this article fascinating in part because it’s a subculture description of how I interact with my muse and characters. Fair warning, there are parts that are inappropriate for work and innocent eyes. Those are not the parts I find familiar simply because my characters are more interested in each other. (Via Cowgirl in New England)

Copyright (Publishing)

Some tips and warnings about establishing not just your copyright but the right to act on infringement for creative works.

Dialogue (Writing)

David Farland offers some good tips on adding dialogue tags: when, where, and why.

Threats Sharable Image

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2 Responses to 5+1 Interesting Links for 02-27-2015

  1. Elizabeth McGaffey says:

    That was a great interview. Heidi Kneale asked excellent, open-ended questions and gave you plenty of room for replies. And, of course, your replies were clear and interesting, but I would expect that.

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