5 Interesting Links for 02-26-2021

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Recording (Audiobooks)

Recording audiobooks of your works is less difficult than you might imagine, especially when compared to the costs of an established narrator. This article goes through the basic points to help you decide if you want to jump into creating audiobooks for your fans.

Clothing (Disability Accommodation)

If all you do is watch the video, you won’t understand my classification. There’s a quick line about supporting adaptive athletes, but the video is focused on expanding the market (and maybe lowering the overall price-point?). Reading the article, though, tells of a collaboration with, and inspired by, a 16-year-old who has cerebral palsy. He wanted a shoe that allowed him to be self-reliant at college. His decision to reach out to Nike will help many people whether overcoming disabilities or just in need of that second pair of hands. (Via EDEN)

Pronunciation (Language)

I lived in pre-Revolutionary Iran with my American diplomat parents. When we ended up back in the United States, the almost malicious mispronunciation of the country name frustrated us with every news report and speech. It seemed a simple thing to learn the right way, and disrespectful of US reporters, politicians, and others. This article doesn’t cover Iran, but it’s a quick way to ensure you aren’t insulting the people you’re talking to. They might come from these countries or have friends and/or relatives there. The ugly American stereotype was built on a strong foundation, and one we’d do well to tear down. We can start again with at least learning how to say the country’s name before going for a visit.

Vaccines (Pandemic)

Many people are talking about the COVID-19 vaccines and their side effects. This article explains the mechanism and why the second shot can hit some people like a truck.

Fun Tips (Video Conferencing)

Since quarantine has become a standard in modern times, the number of people using video conferencing has grown far beyond the more common corporate situations. This article walks you through some basic, but fun, customizations you can make in several conferencing programs, including Zoom. So, check out these tips and add a sparkle to your next web chat. Or if you’ve figured something out you want to share, please do.

An Innocent Secret (Book 3 of Uncommon Lords and Ladies)
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