5 Interesting Links for 02-24-2017

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Pollination (Agriculture)

A lucky happenstance has led to the first steps toward robotic pollinators to supplement falling bee populations. While an interesting idea, it should not take the place of conservation and research into why the bees are dying as bees are ecologically ideal for their niche.

Innovation (Infrastructure)

An alternate method for building roads out of recycled plastic that is good for the environment, and both less costly and easier to maintain. While my vote would still lean toward the solar roadway which offers energy production and better utility connections, this is most likely a cheaper way to do many of the same things while reducing plastic waste. Watch the informational video to learn more.

Scottish (Language)

A dictionary of Scottish words and their meanings useful for creating characters with accents.

Email (Promotion)

Author Stephanie J. Pajonas explains how she uses her mailing list drip campaign to encourage new readers to become true fans.

Culture (Society)

When I returned to the United States as a kid, all my cues were wrong. My accent was British because of British teachers. I knew not to look anyone (especially a man) in the eyes because it was aggressive in the Middle East. I couldn’t even raise my hand to ask a question the “right” way. There were half a dozen things that most don’t recognize as a part of American culture, but I didn’t know. I had to ask a friend in college what “shooting the bird” meant because when Americans had been learning these things, I’d been elsewhere. And I can say with absolute certainty that my experience was a fraction of what American born and bred people who happen to have a different skin tone experience.

Read this article and take the time to hear it. If you’re non-white and didn’t see all this, maybe you’re the exception, rather than the rule. It’s easy to laugh things off, to say not in my neighborhood, or point to a successful black person you know or a non-white group that plays on the same stereotypes they’ve been slapped with. It’s easy to say the article is an exaggeration or only in the South or or or… It’s easy because you don’t have to see. So walk in someone else’s footsteps for the few minutes it takes to read this. See if your experience matches the author’s, and if it does not, maybe learn something about how other folks grow up and live here.

War Child: A Fantasy Short Story

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