5 Interesting Links for 02-22-2013

Conservation (Environment)

An innovative, inexpensive drone allows conservation groups to better monitor population and incursions:

Humor (Life)
A wonderful personal narrative about finding the humor in life so we can keep going through the rough times:

Schedules (Publishing)

Catherine Ryan Howard explains why she thinks the push to put out a lot of titles very quickly can harm as much as help your process of establishing yourself as an indie author.

Archeology (Science)

I remember when I first heard of the army of terracotta soldiers. I was just a kid. It’s amazing that they are still excavating the site. This article explores more about the how, and the risks involved, with opening the tomb itself.

Warp Drive (Space)

Are we finally ready to warp the space-time continuum? Well, not exactly, but the math is getting closer to plausible:

Curve of Her Claw

Fall into a world where beauty is a facade, and one elf is pushed beyond reason to rid herself of the smooth-skinned curse. ~ Now available as an eBook:
Curve of Her Claw

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2 Responses to 5 Interesting Links for 02-22-2013

  1. Erin says:

    Well, I don’t agree with the comments about the self-publishing, but then that’s because when I looked at her list of what she did to promote her first book, I freaked. I’d rather be writing a new book than doing any of that stuff. And there are very few books I’ve seen mentioned in those methods that have enticed me to look. (Takes all kinds — all kinds of authors, all kinds of readers.{

    The last two links are fascinating. Thanks!

    • Margaret McGaffey Fisk says:

      Yr welcome. And yes, the more I read about self-publishing, the more I understand it’s a goal with many roads, all of which take you to the same mountain. Whether you make it to the top or not is unrelated to the path you took to reach it.

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