5 Interesting Links for 02-19-2021

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Psychology (Pandemic)

The pandemic has lasted long enough to overwhelm our coping mechanisms, and many are struggling. This article points to things that can help while validating the problem and confirming you are not alone. The last two paragraphs are especially valuable.

Exhibits (Automatons)

The Gosport Gallery’s Marvellous Mechanicals exhibit contains a variety of mechanical marvels for the enjoyment of visitors. You can explore the exhibit virtually as a safe alternative during the pandemic and for those who are too far away. I enjoyed browsing through the exhibit virtually, and while the movements took time to get used to, approaching each display and clicking on the speech bubble is worth your time. You’ll be rewarded with a short video of the mechanical in motion as though you are physically present for the exhibit. UPDATE: The virtual tour has been removed, but there’s still an article with several videos I’ve included below.
https://www.cultureoncall.com/a-virtual-tour-marvellous-mechanicals/ https://www.cultureoncall.com/exhibition-spotlight-marvelous-mechanicals/

Bathrooms (Society)

A look at bathrooms and bathroom use from a historical and cultural basis. The article ignores the embarrassment factor and goes straight to the consequences of shaming such a natural function.

Comfort (Wheelchairs)

Wheelchairs are rare in how widespread they are. Whether age, disability, or an accident, the odds of ending up spending some time in one seem high. This article (posted on a medical supply store blog) breaks down the different ways to make wheelchair use more comfortable. It looks at everything from additions to improve a manual wheelchair to features worth considering in a power chair.

Conflict (Writing)

While not heavy on text, this comic is an excellent summation of the types of conflict you can use in your writing. Many seek the overarching conflict in a work, but most stories contain many types, though they take up different amounts of the story. You can use this as a tool to find and perfect the conflicts in your own works.

A Country Masquerade (Uncommon Lords and Ladies, Book Two)
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