5 Interesting Links for 02-13-2015

Shading (Art)

This video is an incredible demonstration of the art of shading. I saw the hole being drawn and still could not help but see it in 3D.

Diversification (Publishing)

Author Steven Konkoly’s interpretation of the indie marketplace and how he’s managing his career.

Flash (Reading)

Short, sweet, but with a lot of layers beneath this flash.

Black holes (Space)

An interesting link on black holes I stumbled across when researching for a Seeds Among the Stars book.

Scenes (Writing)

David Farland offers some good tips on how to craft a scene. I might not do the steps in the order or at the times suggested here, but everything resonated to some degree.

Secrets-The Steamship Chronicles Book One

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2 Responses to 5 Interesting Links for 02-13-2015

  1. Jean says:

    With a hope of increasing awareness about your blog, I’ve nominated it for a Liebster Award. http://jeanschara.com/randr/2015/02/15/liebster-award/

    • Margaret McGaffey Fisk says:

      Thank you, Jean. I’m glad you enjoy what you see here. It’ll be a week or so before I can get to this, but I appreciate the suggestion for an interesting post as well :).

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