5 Interesting Links for 02-12-2021

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Innovation (Furniture)

This short video profiles space-saving furniture that could make all the difference, especially in the small living spaces now found in many large cities.

Tools (Language)

False cognates are words that sound similar in two languages but mean something different. A familiar one from my high school Spanish class is the English word “embarrassed.” The word that sounds like “embarrassed” in Spanish means “to be pregnant.” This can turn confusion into unwarranted congratulations.

I found the below site while searching for how to translate “embarrassed” into Spanish, a difficult process when English shades of meaning range from mockery to blushing. It’s useful because the site provides a variety of possible translations as well as providing the words in context to help you decide which holds the right meaning.

Books (Marketing)

Here’s a list describing and countering seven myths surrounding book marketing. Not all of them might apply, but these are good points both on what to consider for your book marketing and what are bad habits that can harm your book.

Eye Health (Pandemic)

Taking care of your eyes during the pandemic is important, especially because fewer people are seeing their eye doctors. This article offers tips for tracking eye health.

Technique (Puppetry)

Puppetry has fascinated me since I was a young girl, but I’ve never seen a style like this. Water puppetry opens different opportunities for storytelling, including the use of fire. The linked video shows a combination of drama and slapstick that’s entertaining even if you don’t speak Vietnamese.

Beneath the Mask (Uncommon Lords and Ladies, Book 1) Sharable
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