5 Interesting Links for 02-01-2019

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Diversity (Science)

This article examines the various obstacles, cultural, social, etc. that discourage female students from pursuing a career in the sciences and hinder the career of those women who persist. The same or similar barriers restrict other diversities including racial and so some of the proposed approaches could also improve non-white male and female students’ chances.

Computers (Art)

Using textile arts, an artist has created an embroidered fabric that acts as a computer. (Via Erin M. Hartshorn)

Name Generator (Generator)

Discover your steampunk name with a few quick clicks. Mine came out as Captain Stella Beecraft-Strangewayes. I think I’ll keep it :).

Slang (Language)

A dictionary of English slang terms from primarily 1500 A.D. to present day. Jonathon Green originally published his work in print but now makes it available online where new slang terms are still being added.

Technique (Marketing)

Three ways to approach raising awareness of your upcoming work that engage potential readers through authentic enthusiasm instead of being pushy.

Safe Haven: A Steampunk Romance (The Steamship Chronicles, Prequel)

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