5 Interesting Links for 01-27-2017

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Felting (Art)

Beautiful felted dragons by Russian Artist Alena Bobrova. There are 15 pages, and some of my favorites are on the later ones. I’ve seen felting in action and this is complex work. Use the “Show 10 more” link at the bottom to see them all.

Taxes (History)

A look at the timing and causes for taxation of salt in England before and during the Regency Era. It’s interesting both as a glimpse into the economy and the effects of war, as well as a further reason why the extravagance of the nobility, and especially the royals, during that period provoked such angst among the common folk.

SETI (Science)

A look at the psychology behind the search for alien life globally.

Plans (Writing)

An interesting way to find what you should focus on as you start your career as a writer.

Birds (Zoology)

Bald Eagles are a bit of a symbol here in the US, and so finding them in the wild is precious. Here’s a little info about a newborn and a link to the live nest cam, where you can see the chick yourself.

How Beer Saved the World 2 edited by Phyllis Irene Radford

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