5 Interesting Links for 01-24-2014

Body Language (Art)

This could as easily been put under writing as it explores some body language keys. A caution that the post itself mentions for one aspect is that it’s culturally specific. As with most body language, this offers generalizations. The same stance or gesture may have a different meaning in context.

Relationships (Life)

This is a brutally honest look at relationship management in the sense of loving someone without becoming an emotional vampire and sucking the life out of them. Worth sharing to help people on both sides of the relationship communicate and improve before it goes so far that things break down:


Kristine Kathryn Rusch looks at what traditional publishing has been and is now (up to Aug 2013), with an examination of the roads, indie and traditional, open to writers.

Edible (Science)

This is the second edible planet, Jupiter this time. Way to combine astronomy with dessert. Note: the video ad at the bottom auto starts so scroll down to turn it off.

Fandom (Sociology)

I never got into the My Little Pony craze because…well…I was a tomboy and liked more realistic things…like the Barbie Afghan Wolfhounds with their flowing hair…so I can see the impact of perception in my own life. This article, though, gives an interesting perspective on the conversion of fandom by gender, or rather the male usurping deliberate or not, and how that ties into fears of other fandoms that too many girls means the end. Fascinating breakdown, and something I hadn’t really thought out before.

Colored Solar Glass (Technology)

I can imagine all sorts of applications for this, like energy-producing stained glass, but converting glass business buildings into solar producers would do a lot to solve our energy crisis.

Shafter by Margaret McGaffey FiskDreams of escaping the colony of Ceric become reality when Trina is discovered by her wealthy grandfather, but will the price be too high to pay?
Find out in Shafter: Shafter
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  1. Erin says:

    Stained glass solar. I like! A couple years ago (I think), I was reading about a glass coating for roads to give them solar-power generation capability. Lots of roads and parking lots out there. Of course, when over a quarter of the nation is covered in snow, one does wonder how effective the power generation would be.

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