5 Interesting Links for 01-18-2019

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Innovation (Science)

Using extra-terrestrial labs, scientists have been able to form Bose-Einstein condensates that collapse in seconds on the Earth.

Programming (Early Education)

The title of this article might be eye catching, but the text explores how most programming tools aimed at children teach them the wrong aspects of programming. That approach may hinder their development not just in programming but also in life.

Gut and Brain (Health)

New research points to an even stronger reason to control your salt intake as links to a high salt diet may exist with several autoimmune disorders. Like most things, the focus on salt annoys me because it’s considered standard advice for heart issues. Clinics rarely know what to do with people who are normally on a low-salt diet and so don’t look further for causes. However, for those who are eating out a lot and having many of the new fad treats with rock salt, this is something to consider. (Too little salt causes migraines, dehydration, and other serious issues, which is a large part of my objection.)

Scams (Interesting People)

A glimpse into the mentality and process that led a well-paid security officer to become a mastermind in swindling the McDonald’s Monopoly game.

Technique (Writing)

A look at how to balance intensity of narrative to provide a varied reading experience.

Vizions of the Future

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