5 Interesting Links for 01-17-2020

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Technology (Demonstrations)

Gingerbread houses take up a lot of counter space for something generally considered decoration rather than edible. The last quality is truer of this gingerbread house than most, but not so much the first. Read the article but be sure to watch the included video showing the construction of the world’s tiniest gingerbread house…for now.

Just for Fun (Memes)

A fun collection of Snape memes for Harry Potter fans.

Culture (Portrayal)

While I don’t write negative reviews, and rarely share when others do, I’m sharing this one. Beyond its beautiful use of language, sarcasm, and knowledge, this review forms a study in why portrayal of cultures other than your own is a complex issue. It’s clear the author being reviewed didn’t care about these complexities, but the reviewer points out all the reasons she should have.

Death (Preparation)

No one wants to think about death and the consequences of it, but avoiding the topic only makes it harder on the survivors. While the stories in this article offer a chuckle or two, they lay out just how things can go wrong if you don’t take the step to prepare the documentation and make your intent clear. It’s not so much being morbid as being prepared so you and your heirs don’t need to dwell on the subject.

Headaches (Treatment)

Some interesting research is being done for migraine treatment using color light therapy that could reveal broader uses in chronic pain treatment. (Via EDEN)

Shafter (Seeds Among the Stars, Book 1)

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