5 Interesting Links for 01-15-2021

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Diplomacy (Anthropology)

The anthology containing my story A Magical Brew was inspired by the influence of beer on civilization. When I saw this article, I couldn’t pass up the chance to learn about an ancient South American civilization that used beer ceremonies to maintain good relations with their neighbors. Anthropologists are studying an outpost that includes a brewery and ceremonial relics in southern Peru.

Creatives (Interesting People)

Leonardo da Vinci experts offer insight into the man, his creative works, and even how the society of his time influenced how he is perceived to this day. After spending time in his fictional presence recently, I was eager to glimpse the historical figure.

Research (Medicine)

An unexpected result in an experiment to slow the biological clock showed evidence of reversing the damage of time. The study, published in late 2019, is too small to be definitive, but indications are promising.

Copyright (Publishing)

The CASE Act, newly passed by Congress, removes the financial bias from copyright infringement cases using small claims court as a model. Content makers will be able to bring cases before a board for a flat fee instead of requiring an expensive lawyer and potentially a long trial. (Via Author’s Support Network)

Motivation (Writing)

A look at ways to keep productive when outside or inner distractions make focusing on writing difficult. The article includes both story and life issues.

The Steamship Chronicles by Margaret McGaffey Fisk Box Set 1
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