5 Interesting Links for 01-10-2020

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Services (Disability)

The rules governing the primary disability support systems in the United States trap those who require services but with that help can still work as this story shows. (Via EDEN)

History (Games)

Have fun with this exploration of Victorian criminal law as Phoebe Darqueling pairs odd crimes with imaginary ones. The answers include interesting historical notes.

Travel (Planning)

This article explores eight destinations outside the U.S. with an eye to finances while also mentioning mobility readiness and crowds.

Art (Snow)

English artist Simon Beck creates astounding, and temporary, works of art on snow-covered landscapes using snowshoes for a carving tool. While the originals will vanish with the melt, the pictures last much longer. (Via Victoria L. Szulc)

Writing (Technique)

With the trend of romantic subplots across every genre, it’s easy for this element to fall prey to cliches and cardboard characters. Here are six ways to introduce a romantic subplot to your story that work well within the fantasy genre.

Safe Haven: A Steampunk Romance (The Steamship Chronicles, Prequel)

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