5 Interesting Links for 01-08-2016

Regency (History)

A glimpse into the pastimes and expectations of the London Season in the Regency Era.

Survival (Life)

An interesting list of things to think about when having a downer day. Not all of them apply or are possible for all people, but with 15 to choose from, something might just do the trick. I know from myself and my family, low blood sugar is a definite “bring on the grumpies,” for example :). (Via Facebook)

Book Trailers (Promotion)

A how-to guide on making a book trailer in Windows Live Movie Maker.

Philosophy (Writing)

A look at how Kristine Kathryn Rusch sees herself as a writer, a description that matches me better than the one she’s using as a jumping-off point.

Cats (Zoology)

A look at how and what cats taste. (Via Facebook)

War Child: A Fantasy Short Story

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4 Responses to 5 Interesting Links for 01-08-2016

  1. Ben Starling says:

    Great links, thanks Margaret!

  2. Linda says:

    The list of 15 things to ask yourself is interesting. I was taken aback at the “see your therapist” question. There’s an assumption that everyone reading this list has, and needs, a therapist. It made me think this was not generated as a general list for “everyone having a bad day”. So I looked at the list as a whole and asked who this list may have been written for. I suspect it’s a list of questions for people with depression. It fits with what I’ve read about the subject. However, it’s not a bad list of things that can help you feel better, with the exception of the therapist, since the average person doesn’t need one. 😉

    • Margaret McGaffey Fisk says:

      Yes, some of the 15 are obviously for people receiving care for depression, but I didn’t take that as an indicator for the list as a whole. Most of them are applicable to most people, but no, I doubt all apply to more than very few. For example, the blood sugar question that works for my family could be a dangerous route for a diabetic to take blindly.

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