5 Interesting Links for 01-03-2020

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Assistance (Disability)

The improvements offered by the Americans with Disabilities Act still require better implementation and social changes because the requirement to ask for help carries its own burdens. The strain of approaching strangers, along with the potential humiliation of having to reveal personal details, is often met with resistance even when the legal obligation exists. It’s not a simple act even without considering additional social limitations. (Via EDEN)

History (Science)

Nasīr al-Dīn Tūsī, a Persian polymath and prolific writer, recorded an interesting, well-developed theory of evolution some 600 years before Darwin.

Art (Street Art)

Some amazing examples of street art with photographs of the area or building before and after the transformation.

Psychology (Treatment)

The adoption of mindfulness as a treatment for any emotional distress, regardless of the cause, has helped develop a large for-profit market often on the backs of social suffering. One early example is how the Southwark Council in London, UK, offered mindfulness counseling when it evicted people to replace social housing with expensive units sold to foreign investors rather than addressing their housing crisis. It is hardly the only one. (Via David Bridger)

Technique (Writing)

The word “synopsis” often sends terror through the hearts of writers, but writing a synopsis offers opportunities that might be overlooked. This article goes through the ways a synopsis can help you, both before writing the book and after. I know a novel idea is ready when I can put together a viable initial synopsis. It doesn’t have to be polished or perfect, but it shows me the story is now full grown in my back brain and ready to come spilling out.

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