5 Interesting Links for 01-01-2021

Note: Videos may auto start with sound so be prepared.

Finances (Health)

Financial difficulty, stemming from missed payments for example, may be an early warning sign of dementia. This discovery could make early detection valuable, even in the absence of a treatment or cure.

Music Generator (Fun)

I’ve never aspired to write an opera, and my attempt at just over a minute long hardly qualifies, but my son, who gave me this link, told me it was fun. Click the link, listen to my run, or give the Google Blob Opera a try on your own. When you are comfortable enough to compose, click the record button and start bouncing those blobs about up and down and side to side to make some music. If you’d like, share the link to yours in the comments below.

Gardens (Interesting People)

Giverny’s head gardener Gilbert Vahé works tirelessly to maintain the feel of Monet’s gardens where the artist often went for inspiration. Some of the original plants are no longer available, but he attempts to recreate a sensation rather than a specific planting. He wants visitors to feel the way Monet would rather than attempting an exact replica. (Via Juliette Wade)

Technique (Marketing)

Writing the blurb for your book, whether self-publishing or submitting to a publisher/agent, is one of the hardest steps in the publishing process. This article reviews seventeen approaches that might help smooth your way. The techniques cover a wide variety of methods, so the odds of finding one or more that work for you are high.

Society (Photography)

Fine arts photographer Rashod Taylor talks about how his series documenting his son’s childhood turned from a family project into something reflecting the precarious life of a black son growing up in the United States, especially now.

Uncommon Lords and Ladies, a sweet Regency romance series (Twitter Sharable)
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