5 Interesting Links for 01-01-2016

What better way than to start the year off with some interesting links? Today’s collection include things to think about, things to amaze, and even things to do. Enjoy.

Toys (Cats)

Step by step instructions for a homemade toy puzzle box for entertaining cats and their humans on a small budget. (Via Facebook)

Punctuation (Language)

A look at the history of punctuation and the impact of the Internet.

Discrimination (Society)

A pointed comic showing the impact we have on those around us, the consequences, and what can change. It’s short, but important.

Depression (Writing)

I consider this a life block rather than writer’s block, but writing issues can be one of the early symptoms. Mary Robinette Kowal lays out the difference between story issues and life issues as she describes her own experience with Depression. Writers are prone to this illness in part because of our observation skills that make us all too empathic, and yet it’s often hard to accept for the very reasons Mary discusses. Worthwhile reading to raise awareness if for no other reason.

Sharks (Zoology)

A new species of lanternshark has been discovered and dubbed the ninja lanternshark because of its unique characteristics:

Trainee - Seeds Among the Stars, Book 2

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