2012 Muse Online Writers Conference Is Live

2012 Muse Online Writers ConferenceThe doors are open.
Presenters are starting their workshops.
The 2012 Muse Online Writers Conference has begun!

Also, I neglected to note that I am participating in a second presentation beyond my MS Office Tips and Tricks. I am part of a panel of authors who talk about ways to finish what you start, get past the first page, and put an end to projects abandoned before “The End.”

All those who registered for the conference by voting on this year’s conference poll will be able to find me here:

Weeklong forums:
Finish what you start! – with Michele, Margaret McGaffey Fisk, Karina Fabian, others TBA

MS Office– Tips and Tricks, with Margaret McGaffey Fisk

Chats (Log in to the forum and click the link in the header):

NOTE: All times are in East Coast Time. Your time translation (assuming you’ve set your time zone in the User Control Panel) is in the header of the Board Index page.

Thursday, October 11th at 4PM Eastern – MS Office Tips and Tricks: your chance to ask for clarification live.

I believe there’s supposed to be a chat for the panel, but I don’t see it on the schedule, so will update as that information becomes available.

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